Friday, July 6, 2007

as i mentioned

just posted on my other blog...i'm thinking about military time.....though how serious, i am not sure. just thinking about national guard, it would be really good for me as a human, to help personal growth and to be a better individual.
only thing, if i were a guy i would do it in a heart beat, but i am not...there are more issues about joining the service when you are there in lies my apprehention...


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

life in kc

i am moved into my sister's place. it's going to be rather stressful. i am already behind...i have no money. realized i need to deposit a check (very small, but something) before my sister deposits the check i wrote her for rent or i will overdraft. not a good way to start off at a new place.

went to omaha with ryan this weekend. really did not have the money to do so, nor did he. but we went and we had a great time! the zoo is pretty amazing. and we took tons and tons of pix. in fact, just over 200 of them. damn i love my dig cam!

back at my sister's after a few days of staying at ryan's and vacay stuff. still have lots to unload but i realy don't want to. even stuff still left in my car. *sigh*

i need a job really really bad now.


Friday, May 25, 2007

last time!!!!

today was my last day at work.
it was actually sad.
i will miss phil and brian.


and i will miss my job as well. it was a good job.

and i will miss knowing exactly what my day will be like.

i dont look forward to my new life.
well at least not the getting accustomed to a new job and such.
i like knowing my job really really well.

and i have to finish packing...tonight and tomorrow.
i will be boxing things up all day tomorrow.

finally heard from my roommate, after i msged her and asked for her friend's name and number so she and i could work out getting the furniture out of the apt.
she msged me back and said she will be here to pick it all up sat at 9 am.
i was rather pissed that she did not relay that info to me as soon as she knew it!!!

but any way, it is getting taken care of finally.


and now i have to get moved in at my sis' and get used to living with the hell-ish munchkins.




Thursday, May 24, 2007

it's raining!!!!!!!!!

cats and dogs...

i'm at work, it's boring and i want to just go home.
and by home i honestly mean home.
i want to just already be moved in to my new place, i hate the whole moving process.
i really want to by-pass the next week or so, get it over with and move on to vacation time!!
ready for the vacay, omaha with the man.
mainly just for the zoo.
and he wants to get a tatoo.
not so sure about that.
although i really do want one as well.
i very much have mixed feelings about them...


getting started

so here is my new blog, kind of just for carlo, since he never can remember my other one.

have to run now though, work!!!